Welcome to the Corbett Suicide Prevention Volunteer Application process
We are Limericks first suicide prevention group formed in 2012 as CSPL Corbett Suicide Prevention Limerick. We have been patrolling the 4 bridges in Limerick city for over 5 years now. Our main focus is to keep a look out for members of the public who we may see around the waters edge late at night, who look distressed or fearful. We approach them and just simply ask "Are you ok".
We are all volunteers from all walks of life and and our aim is to try and curtail the suicide rate in the limerick area.

We welcome applications from people from all walks of life. All persons regardless of marital status, family status, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender and membership of the Traveller community

All applications are treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside of CSPL

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Please provide the names, addresses and contact details of two referees whom we can contact, they must NOT be related to you and who have known you for at least two years. Please also state context in which your references know you. *

CSPL will not disclose any of your information with a third party
Do you consent to be Garda Vetted / Background Checked? *

Due to the work we carry out and the potential vulnerable people we work with, we require that all our Volunteers be Garda Vetted and agree to be background checked in order to comply with Regulations.
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